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News Archive


07/11/20 [WEBINAR] Monday Nov 9, '20 - Exploring the Wonders of Timesketch and Jupyter - Kristinn Gudjonsson, Alexander Jäger & Ryan Benson
12/10/20 [NEWS] We just added references to 2 new articles by Pepe Berba to our Articles / Blog Posts section:
- Data Analysis for Cyber Security 101: Detecting Data Exfiltration
- Data Analysis for Cyber Security 101: Detecting Lateral Movement
10/10/20 [NEWS] We just started 2 new sections in the DS4N6 Portal: Articles / Blog Posts & Presentations where we will collect all relevant content we are aware of. Let us know if you find something which is not listed!
08/10/20 [TIP] Connecting with ipython from the command line to a running Jupyter session - For the command line junkies out there!
07/10/20 [BLOG] Beginner’s Guide to Jupyter Notebook & JupyterLab (UPDATED!)
06/10/20 [EVENT-VIDEO] Data Science for DFIR - The Force Awakens w/ Jess Garcia - SANS DFIR Summit 2020 - Video available now!
04/10/20 [TIP] Sharing variables between Jupyter Notebooks - The %store magic
30/09/20 [TIP] Searching a full DataFrame for a Regular Expression - For the grep / grep -v lovers!
19/09/20 [TIP] Saving/Restoring a Jupyter Notebook Session
16/09/20 [TIP] Running a Jupyter notebook from the command line
16/09/20 [TIP] Sharing the same execution environment (Kernel) between multiple Jupyter notebooks
16/09/20 [TIP] Creating a jupyter notebook programatically
16/09/20 [TIP] Converting a jupyter notebook to pdf
14/09/20 [NEWS] New FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Tips & Tricks sections created!
30/08/20 [BLOG] Efficiently dealing with MASSIVE Log Search Hits (1 billion rows DataFrames!) in pandas, by Jess Garcia
10/07/20 [CHEAT-SHEETS] Added a reference to a Jupyterlab Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet
09/07/20 [VIDEO-BLOG] New video: “Anaconda toolkit installation”. Learn how to do to the installation of the Anaconda toolkit to use data science and machine learning open source libraries and packages for digital forensics investigations and incident response.
08/07/20 [VIDEO-BLOG] New video: “First steps with IPython”. Learn about this powerful tool to run python code, with special features to make more easy work in Data Science Forensics.
08/07/20 [BLOG] Still curious? Then here you have our Beginner’s Guide to Jupyter Notebook
07/07/20 [BLOG] Let's begin with our Getting Started: Setting up DS4N6 Laboratory padawans.
07/07/20 [COMMUNITY] Know our Team and contribute as a Collaborator!
07/07/20 [EVENT] Jess Garcia will be speaking on July 16, 2020 at the SANS DFIR Summit US: Data Science for DFIR - The Force Awakens