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About the DS4N6 Project

What does DS4N6 mean?

DS4N6 stands for Data Science Forensics.

We also refer to this project as DSDFIR, AI4N6 or AIDFIR, since Data Science (DS) includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the project goes beyond the strictly Forensics, covering the whole Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) discipline (and sometimes even beyond). But hey, we had to give the project a catchy name!

Project Mission

The Mission of the DS4N6 project is simple:

Bringing Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
to the fingertips of the average Forensicator,
and promote advances in the field

Who Is Behind DS4N6?

DS4N6 is a Community project led by Jess Garcia, with a backbone of Forensicators, Data Scientists and Developers, with varying degrees of knowledge and expertise (from juniors to experts with 20+ years in the field) both from (one) eSecurity and external collaborators.

We strongly believe in the Community and, as such, we want to give back to the Community a little of what we have received during all these years.

We have, however, seen many great projects die because of lack of funding or resources, and we have also seen how many times great ideas did not mature enough to allow companies or other organizations to make use of them. For that reason, (one) eSecurity will be sponsoring the project, to ensure that the project flourishes and lasts for the good of the Community, and to provide support for those who may need professional help in the development, implementation or use of DS4N6-related technologies & services. As such, please expect a little advertising (we promise it will not be aggresive!).

What does the DS4N6 Project Provide to the Community?

We aim at contributing with DS & AI Knowledge (videos, webcasts, blog entries, quality references, cheat sheets, presentations, talks, etc.), News, Tools and in general anything that may help the DFIR Community advance in the use and implementation of DS & AI Technologies.

Can I Participate?

Of course! This is an open project and we welcome all types of contributions (invited blog entries, papers, tools, references, etc.). Just contact us.

How do we want to do it?

DS4N6 is a research project sponsored by One eSecurity to make technology available to all forensicators and to adapt the knowledge of data science and artificial intelligence through research, content analysis, different tools and constant testing that allows them to improve their efforts and provide them with results.

Our Motivation

We love what we do.
We love DFIR and we are tremendously excited to be able to integrate Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (two “new” amazing fields full of possibilities) into DFIR.
Passion and curiosity about how DS / AI integrated with technology can offer us tremendous results to improve and simplify the work of forensicators and, in the end, to stop threats.

Who We Are

The DS4N6 Team is made of Forensicators, Data Scientists and Developers, with varying degrees of knowledge and expertise (from juniors to experts with 20+ years in the field).