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DS4N6 Blog >> Anaconda toolkit installation

Anaconda toolkit installation

Fast and simple video tutorial about how to do to the installation of the Anaconda toolkit to use data science and machine learning open source libraries and packages for digital forensics investigations and incident response.



Anaconda download

$ wget -O /tmp/

Verification hash file

$ sha256sum /tmp/
- Check:

Run installation process

$ sudo mkdir /opt/ds4n6
$ sudo chown padawan:padawan /opt/ds4n6
$ bash /tmp/

Activate the environment

$ source /opt/ds4n6/anaconda3/bin/activate

Update conda and anaconda

$ conda update conda
$ conda update anaconda

Install package

$ conda install tensorflow
$ conda install -c conda-forge jupyter_contrib_nbextensions

Close the environment

$ conda deactivate