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DS4N6 Events >> Your Journey to the GenAI - DFIR Era Starts Today!

Your Journey to the GenAI - DFIR Era Starts Today!

Conference: SANS AI Cybersecurity Forum: Insights from the Front Lines

Speaker: Jess Garcia - j3ssgarcia - Lead DFIR Analyst/CEO, One eSecurity

Title: Your Journey to the GenAI-DFIR Era Starts Today!


How exactly will Generative AI (GenAI) change the way Forensicators & Hunters work today?

In this talk Jess Garcia will answer that question by presenting everything you need to know to integrate GenAI in your everyday DFIR tasks and get ready for this new era.

Jess will cover the most important concepts, tools & resources you need to know related to GenAI for DFIR, will describe how to apply them to everyday DFIR tasks and will elaborate on AI-Agents (orchestrators capable of coordinating data sources, LLMs and Tools), the most promising technology today to address many of the complex analysis tasks that Forensicators perform today.

Jess will practically demonstrate how an AI-Agent DFIR Co-Pilot can be easily used to process and analyze forensic artifacts, and how AI-Agents can autonomously solve many of the most challenging tasks that we face in our investigations today.