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DS4N6 Blog >> DS4N6 Presentation @ SANS Data Science Lightning Summit - 18/03/21

DS4N6 Presentation @ SANS Data Science Lightning Summit - 18/03/21

370x370_jess-garcia.jpg [27/03/21] March 27, 2021
Jess Garcia - One eSecurity
Twitter: j3ssgarcia - LinkedIn: garciajess

Last week I had the pleasure to participate, along with some other excellent speakers and SANS colleagues (John Hubbard, David Hoelzer, Jess Garcia, Ken Westin, Jason Trost) in the SANS Data Science Lightning Summit.

During the hour-long event we discussed different points of view of the use of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in the Cybersecurity world.

The objective of my presentation was to briefly share why Forensicators should be embracing DS/AI, how it can improve your current work, how it is really not that difficult to jump into it, what are some of the most important challenges and solutions, and how to get started.


I also announced two releases in which we have been working intensively during the last year:

  • A new version of the ds4n6_lib: designed to facilitate the transition from traditional forensics to the DS/AI world (April '21)
  • The DAISY Virtual Machine: a VM ready for DFIR-oriented DS/AI (May '21)

A New SANS Course on Data Science for Cybersecurity

It's also worth noting that David Hoelzer announced the upcoming release of a new SANS Course:

Dave is an amazing instructor, a tireless researcher and an extremely talented course author, so I can guarantee this course will be a blast!


  • You can download the my presentation ppt here
  • You can view full the video here. My presentation starts on minute 14:00.