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DS4N6 Blog >> The DS-DFIR (Data Science for DFIR) Trip Starts... Jump In!

The DS-DFIR (Data Science for DFIR) Trip Starts... Jump In!

370x370_jess-garcia.jpg [23/04/21] April 23, 2021
Jess Garcia - One eSecurity
Twitter: j3ssgarcia - LinkedIn: garciajess

Yesterday's release of the new version of the ds4n6_lib marks the start of the DS-DFIR Trip (Data Science for DFIR).

We've been working very intensely during more than a year to develop a usable version of the ds4n6_lib library, aimed at facilitating the easy ingestion and analysis (in a DS environment) of the output of some of the most popular DFIR open source tools out there (plaso, kape, kansa, volatility, etc.). Counting with a stable enough ds4n6_lib was a pre-requisite to be able to help forensicators easily transition to DS, before developing more advanced capabilities.

In parallel we have also been working in other projects (DAISY, HAM, ADAM, D4ML) which build on top of the ds4n6_lib to provide addtional capabilities, and which we will be releasing as soon as they are mature enough.

So… during the next few weeks/months we will be releasing a lot of outreach material (blogs, videos, tips) that will help you enter this new fascinating DS-DFIR world.

We invite you to join us if you want to learn your way into Data Science / AI for DFIR. Believe me, it will be a lot of fun and it will provide you new and amazing DFIR analysis super-powers!

Jump in!

Follow us on Twitter (@ds4n6_io) where we will be announcing all the material, news, tools, etc. that we will be releasing, and/or follow our blog.