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DS4N6 Blog >> This is just a start!

This is just a start!

We want to thank you. We are excited to have shared 'The DS4N6 Force Awakens' with over 2000 people during the SANS DFIR Summit on July 16. One of the most renowned events in the Forensic world. The success of the talk motivates us to continue growing and providing solutions.

If you already registered but were unable to attend, or if you want to remember, simply log into your account at and follow these steps:

  • Access your user's Account Dashboard.
  • Visit My Online Training - Summit Access.
  • And click on the option DFIR Track 1 and General Session.
  • You can watch us from the minute: 01:43:30.

And if you want to download the pdf file, you can get it at DFIR Summit & Training 2020 (July 2020): Data Science for DFIR - The Force Awakens, Jess Garcia.pdf

Remember that on our DS4N6 Youtube channel, you can find additional content that is sure to be of great benefit to you. Besides our repository on Github, where you have the DS4N6 library and various scripts to test its usefulness. Join our community and enjoy all our news, our repository, meet people with similar interests and share your motivations with all of us.

And don't forget to visit us at and follow us on Twitter.

May the DS4N6 force be with us!