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DS4N6 Blog >> Welcome to DS4N6!

Welcome to DS4N6!

Date: 09/07/20 - Author: Jess Garcia

Dear Forensicator,

Welcome to DS4N6!

Today is a very exciting day for us. We've been working very hard during the last few months to put together this new project which we hope will provide value to the DFIR Community by taking the amazing Data Science (DS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances to the average Forensicator.

Last year I realized that, while DS & AI have entered our businesses and lives massively, opening doors to amazing possibilities, the DFIR field was mostly missing this DS/AI revolution.

As such, I decided to try to make a difference in this front. Not only was this an extremely exciting field, but it was also a good opportunity to give back t o the Community, after having received soooo much for soooo long.

After 20+ years as a DFIR practictioner and 18 years as a SANS Instructor, I've been exposed to the difficulties that we all face in our daily fight agains Cybercrime, Cyberspionage, etc. I hope this project help my past and future students & customers, and in general to the Community at large, in this fight.

I would like to thank my team at (one) who believe in me and support me in my “crazy” ideas. I love working with all of them and this project would definitely not be possible (neither would it make sense) without them.

I also hope that this new project leads us to make new friends. In the end, this is precisely the point, right? Doing what we like with the people we like!

See so around!

Jess Garcia (@j3ssgarcia)

DS4N6 Project Lead
(one) Founder & DFIR Lead
SANS Senior Instructor